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When reading print media pundits, like Maureen Down, or listening to cable media pundits and our black Representatives in Congress, I have become seriously distraught.  Throughout my life, I have learned that when you disagree with someone or find them misrepresenting the truth—lying, you could call them out on the statement or statements based on the facts.

Now, I am finding out that when I or another —shall I say it—white person call out or simply question a person of color about a disagreement of ideology or simply thought, I am a racist.  When I need to question statements of incorrect fact from a person of color, formerly known as lying, then again I am a racist.  I am so sorry for the previous indiscretions and failure to understand that I have become a racist.  Apparently I need to apologize.  But how and to whom?

This brings up another bit of recent confusion.  How and to whom do I apologize?  Apparently, as Representative Joe Wilson found out, there is now an extensive protocol to an apology involving dissent of a far left liberal of color.  As a newly identified racist, I apparently must apologize to the party who was misrepresenting the truth, his Chief of Staff, the Vice-President, both in writing and by telephone, and then finally apologize to the political community as demanded by another person of color, Congressman James E. Clyburn.

I wish someone would provide a manual on this racist apology thing.  I also hope that someone includes in the manual a section on:

  • How do I tell a person of color that they are misrepresenting the truth, lying, or that they are just simply misguided?
  • Will this section in the manual suggest that I just sit on my hands and close my mouth—saying absolutely nothing?
  • Would this be acceptable?

Perhaps, there might be some sort of color code.  If I feel a person of color is not telling the truth or is misguided, perhaps I can hold up a color coded card.  Choice of color must be absolutely correct of course or I might inadvertently move to the bigot category.

Maybe we can use a nondescript muted red color to tell a person of color that they are misrepresenting the truth.  A bland off white—oh, that will not work—white may be offensive as I am white, thus it may be interpreted by the far left as I am right and they are wrong.  Wait, we can use a bland gray—the equal mix of white and black can be used to indicate that I disagree with the potentially offended person of color.

I have it now!  When I confront a person of color who is lying, I will just hold up a red card.  When I just disagree, I will hold up a gray card.  This system, I hope will keep me out of racist hell and avoid that bigot label.  I certainly hope this will be acceptable to the far left, the pundit police, and our Representatives in Congress who are not  Caucasians.

Alternatively: All these folks can get real and not use the now heavily over used “racist” label to attempt to intimidate and quiet dissent, as they have been doing.   Generally and often calling a person a racist when they disagree with a person of color can only be the last arrow in the quiver of the far left in their fight to move an unpopular agenda and to quiet the other side by intimidation.

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The Washington Post has a piece today on Obama and the racism towards him and his supporters.http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/12/AR2008051203014.html?hpid=topnews

What the piece fails to convey is that the national outlook about Senator Barack Obama changed due to the Senator himself. Early on, the junior Senator from Illinois conducted himself as a different candidate. He was a man with a vision and one who purveyed hope to those in political and financial despair. He was assisted by the media who portrayed him as a rock star politician, without bothering to vet him. His followers listened to him, believed him, hung on every word. They did not question his, out of nowhere, rise to a key national political role. His inexperience also was not considered by those impatiently seeking change, in fact it was considered a plus. Early followers were crying for change and ignored his inexperience and history of partisan legislation. They were enraptured with his oratory style promising what they wanted to hear. He engaged the young voters in mass – young voters who have no experience of rapture with a politician lacking the experience and dealing solely in ideals, without regard to the pragmatism of the real world – Jimmy Carter comes to mind.

Today, things have changed, post Reverend Wright and post Michelle Obama’s comments on how proud she is now, finally. Barack Obama’s handling of these distractions and his own comments on voter class, the “bitter” comment, have changed how he is viewed by some who have already voted for him, a substantial segment of the Democratic party, and a significat number of undecided independents, who have not as yet voted.

A previous posting called, “The Real Barack Obama!”, talks to the transformation of Obama from a man running for office to a black man running for office. https://brokengovernment.wordpress.com/2008/03/28/48/ The media really want to perpetuate the racism issue as it is an enticing news story. In fact some in the media and perhaps Obama’s supporters want to perpetuate the racism issue in an effort to drive sympathy toward him and his campaign. As time goes by and Obama starts to really get vetted, his inexperience and idealism will predominate. His far liberal nature and voting record, when he actually voted; his view on taxes – no middle class tax increase, but maintain the tax on gas and diesel, increase the social security tax, and the dividend tax rate which all will actually tax the middle class reveal the impact he would have on the economy and jobs. His distortion of the truth in campaign ads and his comments toward his opponents, even after being corrected, steal away his veneer as the different candidate. Other than the idealistic young voter and the far left liberal, the voters previously supporting him will begin to peel away as the opposition shines the light of reality on Barack Obama.

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