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Today, Representative Gabriel Giffords proudly announced on her 8th Congressional District web site that she  has secured funding of $4.47 Million for four infrastructure projects from the Federal Government.

An extract from her web site is as follows.  

“The four projects for which Giffords secured funding include Tucson’s Modern Streetcar, the light rail transit system that will connect University Medical Center, the University of Arizona, Fourth Avenue, Downtown Tucson and Rio Nuevo. Mayor Bob Walkup was very appreciative of today’s vote.”

As a constituent, I see one very large problem with this fabulous accomplishment.  Apparently Ms. Giffords does not know whom she represents.  These four projects are not in her district.  That’s right , they are in Congressman Raul Grijalva’s district.  Boy do I feel loved.  Perhaps the folks in the 7th will vote for her in the next election.

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