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A recent editorial opinion piece in the New York Times was put forth as just that an opinion. However, it was propaganda for the climate change movement. The writer of the opinion piece either knows the truth and chose to obfuscate it or does not know the truth and if not probably should not be working at a national publication.

I will not reprint the entire piece, because I am sure that copyright or some other rule will be cited by the NY Times to make me regret printing it. Thus I will use sections in quotes and attribute the work to the New York Times Opinion Section as found on their web site July 15, 2008.

If you wish to read the entire short opinion you can find it at: “Drilling’s Lure – Editorial”.

Drilling’s Lure

Published: July 15, 2008 (New York Times – online)

“…Offshore drilling will not bring short-term relief from $4-a-gallon gasoline, nor can it play much more than a marginal role in any long-term strategy for energy independence…” The world is expected to be using 146% of the energy measured in BTU’s in 2030 than today. While $4 per gallon relief may not be in site, we may avoid $10 per gallon by then. “…The oil companies already have access to substantial unexplored resources.” The truth here is that the oil companies have leased land with which to explore for oil. If oil is not found or determined to be underground in commercially viable quantities, they do not drill – I would not drill – you would not drill, because there is no reason to drill.

“…At issue are about 19 billion barrels that, the Interior Department says, lie in federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts…” At issue here are 86 Billion Barrels of oil in those locales and under Federal land, per the Energy Information Administration.

“…Congress should not give into the pressures of a restless public and a campaign by sacrificing long-term environmental protections for short-term political gain…” The real agenda is in this last sentence, environment at all cost – the U.S. Economy be damned. It is not short term political gain, but a need to secure our economic future, protect national security, and be prepared for the world chaos as oil production diminishes. We have a need to maximize our energy production of fossil fuels while we are bringing on line renewable energy, which at this juncture is simply not ready and will not be ready for 15 to 20 years to fully drive this nation’s energy needs, without crippling our economy further.

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