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In Presidential election of recent vintage, the Democratic and Republican Party’s candidates for nomination have had to move left for the Democrats and move right for the Republicans to obtain the nomination. The party regulars, the primary voters, and especially the caucus attendees of each party generally represent a more pure view of the party’s positions, thus liberal left for the Democrats and conservative right for the Republicans.

It has become customary and accepted for the candidates to move closer to their party’s core when seeking the nomination. Generally the candidate in the general election race then swings back toward the right for Democrats and left for Republicans. In this primary election race, we saw John McCain trying very hard to demonstrate that he is a conservative Republican at his core and Hillary Clinton trying ultra hard to demonstrate that she has liberal Democrat credentials.

The odd thing is that Senator Obama appears to be breaking the mold and is not moving left for his party’s nomination. He has actually moved right to align himself with his party’s liberal left. Yes, he was too far left, thus he had to tack to the right for the nomination. We have seen many indications of his real political leaning in the Reverend Wright controversy, his non-voting and voting record. He is the one candidate that has so many present votes that we have to afford him two voting records.

The self proclaimed non-partisan National Journal Group’s National Journal Magazine reported that in their survey, Barack Obama was the most liberal Senator in 2007.


A recent story at Politico.Com points out that in Barack Obama’s first run for elective office; he completed a survey that I have included for you to read. His positions make him the poster boy for the far left. He tried to spin this questionnaire by saying he had not seen it and that it was submitted by his campaign staff without his knowledge – remember this was a race for State Senator where a small cozy campaign staff would be the norm. Senator Obama seems to have this deaf, dumb, and blind defense down pat on any issues demonstrating his far left positions.


The survey cited in the Politico article was taken by the Independent Voters of Illinois – Independent Precinct Organization.  The questionnaire follows:

Obama questionnaire at first run for elective office

Obama questionnaire continued.


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